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PRESS RELEASE: Candidate for County Recorder, Joe Tirio says he will “Erase the Recorder” if elected


Monday, December 14, 2015

Candidate for County Recorder, Joe Tirio says he will “Erase the Recorder” when elected.

WOODSTOCK, IL - Citing an opportunity to further save money for the taxpayers of McHenry county, Recorder Candidate Joe Tirio has promised to pursue the abolition of his role and consolidation of his office into the County Clerk’s office when elected. “The State Constitution provides for the creation of the Recorder’s office, but there are also legal means to eliminate the office as well. I intend to pursue those means once elected.”, Tirio said. “If things go as planned, I hope to have the process completed by the end of my first term.”, Joe continued.

This announcement follows his earlier campaign promise to eliminate nepotism and similar practices from offices when elected. Joe will target reduced operating costs, improved service and will implement policies for ethical hiring and management. “Nepotism and patronage hiring and employment are an insult to the taxpayers of McHenry County. I promise that I will never hire a relative and commit to only hiring the most qualified person for the job, regardless of their political connections. I challenge my opponents to make the same promise.”

To further illustrate his conviction to eliminate nepotism and patronage, Joe launched his campaign website with the domain name “”.

About Joe Tirio

Born in Chicago and raised primarily in the western suburbs, Joe lives with his Wife, Karen in Woodstock where he has lived for 12 of the 15 years he has Lived in McHenry County. He and his wife own Monarch Senior Care, located in Woodstock just off the city’s historic square. Joe is also the co-founder of Voters In Action (, a citizen activist group focused on increasing public involvement in government with an eye toward reducing taxes and corruption and increasing transparency.


Please direct press inquiries to:

Joe Tirio


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