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Franks' allegations are reckless political rhetoric

*UPDATES*: Sep 3:  - Take a look at the Fee Study Proposal presentation intended for the August Finance Committee meeting that Jack prevented the committee (your elected representatives) from seeing.

McHenry County Residents and Friends,

Today, the Northwest Herald published an article prompted by a press release from McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Rather than regurgitate, I will leave you to read their article, Franks’ press release, my response and let you draw your own conclusions. I’ve also included pictures of our office’s Disaster Recovery Kit and the “raffle tickets” (cost $8.95) included therein that Chairman Franks’ “whistleblowers” revealed to him. These tickets would be used as temporary document numbers in case of an emergency.

Chairman Franks’ allegations are serious, and a phone call could have cleared this all up. So why didn’t he call? Was it because he wanted to send this press release more than he wanted the truth?

For now, I’ll let you decide.

You know how to reach me if you ever have questions. I welcome your input.

Kindest Regards,

Joe Tirio

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