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Regarding my Democrat opponent’s claims

Joe Tirio - Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Let me start by saying that I am disappointed in how Drew is running this very early part of the campaign. Disappointed that he is spreading misinformation, half-truths and relying on partisan rhetoric for his message. In the past, I’ve had a number of very pleasant conversations with Drew. In fact, when I heard he was running for the office, I called and left a voicemail for him welcoming him to the race. I had hoped that, together we might elevate the nature of political competition in our race. I had thought that Drew was the kind of person that did his homework. But since he is so wrong in so many ways, he either has no regard or interest in the truth and thus is completely comfortable lying to the people of the County, or simply has no respect for quality and will gladly spew forth politically beneficial, unverified information and pass it along as fact. Neither are acceptable for the man who would like to be County Clerk.


So be it. Let’s take apart some of his assertions.


Eliminating the office of Recorder

Let’s start with the most absurd claim. Per McHenry County Blog: “He contended that it would not be Tirio consolidating the office of Recorder with that of the County Clerk.

“He’s not doing that. We are,” pointing to the question’s being on the March primary ballot.

Is there any question in anyone’s mind that the opportunity to eliminate the office of Recorder (merging it into the Clerk’s office) on the March ballot is my doing? No one else ran on that platform... not even my opponents? In fact, here’s a little secret, had any of my opponents adopted that position, I likely would have gotten out of the race and supported them. It was my election platform, my effort in writing the first draft of the resolution, getting it reviewed by the State’s Attorney’s office, working with Chairman Franks, Clerk McClellan and the County Board to get it placed on the ballot


This is an instance of a familiar tool of bad politics (and bad politicians); the “technically true but conceptually misleading” statement. While it is technically true that it will require the people to vote to eliminate the position, the concept that he is trying to sell is that I had nothing to do with that, which we all know to be, at best, a fairy tale.


While we’re making claims that are technically true but conceptually dubious, I’m writing this note with a cordless pencil on sugarless paper. True, but meaningless.


Mandated computerization

My opponent is claiming that there is a mandate that is driving the technological changes that I am making. I have challenged him to provide a citation to this mandate. I will publish his response here if/when he replies.


Claim of nepotism

Again, from McHenry County Blog: “...Georgi remarked on Tirio’s slogan, “I won’t hire my wife,” and said, “Mr. Tirio has two mother and daughter teams.”

I have two people working in the Recorder’s office that are Mother and Daughter. I did not hire them, but they are great employees and have no reason to fire them. So here, my opponent is not only factually wrong, but he is trying to pull that political sleight of hand again, as he did before. He is taking a fact (albeit, wrong) and trying to convince you that it proves another concept. Its a bit like asking “Drew, when did you stop beating your wife?”, and it’s poor politics. Plain and simple, he is trying to trick you into voting for him.


Failed Village President

I find it comical that he claims some ownership of the ouster of former Hebron Village President. Seriously? How hard is it to get people to vote out an official arrested on drug charges who allegedly was found unconscious after he was allegedly smoking crack and drinking and after a search warrant found a burnt spoon and syringe? Answer: Not that hard.


What about Drew?

Despite the fact that it flies in the face of every campaign rule, I encourage you to visit Drew’s website. It’s chock full of veiled threats about “them” and about “their current plans”. Who are “they”? It certainly is not me. His site focuses more on political rhetoric and party hobgoblins than on his qualifications and how he is going to address the issues that face our community. Oddly, while he talks a lot about “quality” on his site, it is riddled with grammar and spelling errors, including his own name. Is this really the person you want to run the Clerk’s office? ... to manage our elections, taxes, vital and real estate records? care for our County’s history and future? Of course not.


He makes a big deal about political parties. I’m not afraid of political parties. I have friends in them all, and believe that, for the most part, we want many of the same things and see the same problems. We often differ and how to solve those problems, but I truly believe that it is that diversity in perspectives that makes our country great and challenges us to make it even better.


And while I’m not afraid of political parties, we should all be afraid of politicians who will say anything to get elected.


Better government starts with better people. 


As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.


God bless us all.





2017 Mid-Year Update

Joe Tirio - Tuesday, July 04, 2017

To the people of McHenry County,


I campaigned for the office of Recorder on a couple key premises and one, very unusual promise. I promised to work toward eliminating my role of Recorder by the end of my first term. In just over 6 months in the role, with the help of Chairman Franks, Clerk McClellan, the State's Attorney's office and the County Board we got the referendum on the Spring 2018 Primary ballot. At that point, he decision will ultimately be in your hands and I trust that you will continue what we've started and vote to eliminate the role.


I also promised to run an honorable office, one you could and should be proud of... an operationally excellent office with a focus on quality and productivity. We have made tremendous progress toward that goal. You can read about all this and more in the mid-year update linked below.



2017 Mid-Year Update


I thank you for your support and welcome your feedback.


Kindest Regards,



Joseph J. Tirio

McHenry County Recorder

Early Voting Locations

Joe Tirio - Monday, October 24, 2016

Early voting at locations other than the Administration building begins today. Click the link below for a list of the locations:


Cook County Considers Merging Recorder and Clerk's Offices.

Joe Tirio - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cook County's finance board will meet today to discuss whether the people of that county will have an option on the November ballot to merge the Recorder and Clerk's office. While they have some stronger language to describe their Recorder's office, the core sentiment is the same, we must seize any opportunity to reduce government size and cost.


From the Chicago Tribune:

"If approved by voters, the recorder's office would be phased out by the end of 2020 for annual savings to taxpayers of about $800,000.

That's not big money to county politicians. But every gesture toward saving rather than taxing helps people who pay thousands in property and sales taxes to a government designed for the 1800s."


Tax Day Protest Leaves A Mark

Joe Tirio - Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Monday, I joined many fellow McHenry County citizens in a protest about our taxes. A friend, Dan Aylward paid his entirely in dollar bills. I am proud to be among such great people that they would take their time to come out and show that they are not afraid to get involved.


I am saddened that we needed to.


Read more at the Northwest Herald.


Chicago Tribune Endorses Tirio for Recorder

Joe Tirio - Thursday, March 03, 2016

Today, the Chicago Tribune released it's endorsements for Kane and McHenry counties. Among the endorsements was Joe Tirio for the office of Recorder. The Editors say, "...three candidates are vying for her job in the Republican primary. Only one, Joe Tirio of Woodstock, pledges to eliminate the office before the end of his term."


Link to full story:


The Plan

Joe Tirio - Monday, February 29, 2016

Some say it can't be done, others say it shouldn't be done. Answers to those points as well as why I am the right person to do it are included in the document below.


"The Plan" includes background on me, why I am running and a high-level view of my plan and platform. It also includes a comparison of myself and my opponents as well as the "interesting" places they get their campaign funds.


You also get a look at documents I requested via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that gives insight into the composition and compensation of those in the office. I've constructed an organizational chart from that data to provide a visual representation of the office as it stood in September of 2015.


The Plan: Tirio Background, Plan and Supporting Documents


As always, I welcome your comments. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts at


Early Voting Begins

Joe Tirio - Thursday, February 25, 2016

Early voting begins February 29th. You can vote at the Clerk's office or at any of the locations at the link below.


Remember, not voting has the same effect as giving someone else your vote. Voting is your right. Use it, and use it wisely.

Pro-Life Victory Committee Endorses Joe Tirio for McHenry County Recorder

Joe Tirio - Thursday, February 25, 2016


I am pleased to announce the endorsement from McHenry County's Pro-Life Victory Committee. This organization stands at the forefront of preservation of the lives of the unborn. I am deply appreciative of their recognition and support.


I find myself in wonderful company. Please visit the link below to view the others who share this endorsement:

PRESS RELEASE: Tax Accountability Group Endorses Joe Tirio for McHenry County Recorder

Joe Tirio - Monday, February 01, 2016


Tax Accountability Group Endorses Joe Tirio for McHenry County Recorder


WOODSTOCK, IL - “I am humbled and appreciative to be supported by such a prestigious organization.”, said Joe Tirio, candidate for McHenry County Recorder. “Thoughtless spending, nepotism and other corruption are at the core of Illinois’ financial failures. It will take bold, creative leadership to bring this County and State to their deserved place of prominence. I look forward to doing my part to make that happen.”


“The 2016 election cycle is a critical time to elect citizens at all levels of government who pledge to stand with taxpayers against uncontrolled spending and crippling tax policies,” said Jim Tobin, president of Tax Accountability and Taxpayers United of America. “Tax Accountability is pleased to endorse Joe Tirio for McHenry County Recorder in the March 15, 2016 Illinois primary. Mr. Tirio has pledged to support economic freedom by working to decrease the overall tax burden of Illinois taxpayers. To that end, Mr. Tirio is focused on consolidating the functions of the County Clerk and Recorder’s offices by the end of his first term, simultaneously reducing government and saving tax dollars. Mr. Tirio has expressed an exceptional desire to fight taxes and support economic growth in Illinois, so I urge voters to support Mr. Tirio’s candidacy and help elect a true tax fighter to the office of McHenry County Recorder.”


About Joe Tirio

Born in Chicago and raised primarily in the western suburbs, Joe lives with his Wife, Karen in Woodstock where he has lived for 12 of the 15 years he has Lived in McHenry County. He and his wife own Monarch Senior Care, located in Woodstock just off the city’s historic square. Joe is also the co-founder of Voters In Action (, a citizen activist group focused on increasing public involvement in government with an eye toward reducing taxes and corruption and increasing transparency.


About Tax Accountability and Taxpayers United of America

Tax Accountability is the political action arm of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).

TUA is the largest taxpayer protection organization in Illinois with over 33,000 members and supporters. TUA was founded in 1976 and since that time we have helped Illinois citizens save over $200 billion in taxes.



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