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I’m married to my wife, Karen, and I’ve been a resident of Woodstock for over a decade. I was born in Chicago, and spent most of my youth in the western suburbs.


When I was 9, my family moved to Big Sandy Tennessee, population 600. We raised hogs and cattle and had a couple horses, and it was there that I learned to appreciate life in rural America. Its also a big part of why I chose to live in McHenry County.


I still love to see the fields of corn and the cows, but also appreciate living in a metropolitan suburb. I came back to the Chicagoland area when I was about 14 and have lived in this area ever since. Woodstock and McHenry County are my home. In terms of politics and policy, broadly, I would call myself a constitutional conservative.

My wife, Karen and I at a Bears game a few years ago

I co-founded and currently lead "Voters In Action". A citizen activism group focused on increasing public awareness of issues and making it easier for the public to take action. We focus our attentions primarily on issues related to taxes and transparency, and have had some significant wins in these regards.


When elected, I will not hire my wife, or anyone else in my family and I challenge my opposition to make the same statement.



Why I Am Running

Why This Race Is Important

Why You Should Vote For Me

With vital records, tax extension and elections among the numerous responsibilities, the Clerk's office is critical to the people of the county. If/when combined with the office of the Recorder, this office will care for the records that document our shared history and guide our future.


It is because of this criticality, that your choice for Clerk is so important. Integrity and experience leading a changing organization will critical to this office.


I believe I have demonstrated these skills and capabilities in My role as Recorder as well as my experience in other roles throughout my career.

It's about politicians vs leaders... skilled campaigners vs proven leadership.


Throughout the country the message is clear. Politics as we have known it, is over. If you don't vote, or vote for one of my opponents, what you are saying is that you are OK with inefficient government run by people that could never get hired to such a job in the private sector.


But when you vote for me, you’re saying, that you want the most qualified person running that office... a proven leader, someone that can drive change. Not the person best qualified to wave from a parade float, or someone who can call in political favors, but someone with the experience to run an operation of this scale, work within a budget and drive efficiencies... someone you know can do all this because they've actually done it before.

Here are a few highlights from my resume.


McHenry County Recorder

In my first seven months in office,

  • I put in place new systems to measure and manage productivity and quality,
  • established new management procedures focusing on quality, productivity and employee development,
  • implemented the Honor Rewards program to benefit local Veterans and businesses,
  • restructured the way we pay for personnel in such a way to reduce the burden on taxpayers
  • and worked with the current Clerk, the County Board and County Board Chairman to get the referendum to eliminate the position of Recorder on the March 2018 ballot.


Monarch Senior Care - Owner

Headquartered in Woodstock Illinois, we have a 5-star Caring.com rating (none better in the county), A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We've been providing exceptional service to the seniors and veterans in McHenry County for over seven years.


AON Hewitt - Client Manager

I led client teams and served as point of contact for client leaders for some of the firms most prestigious clients. World leaders in their industries and Fortune 100 companies like international investment banks, UPS, Siemens, Hewlett Packard, Archer Daniels Midland and more. I was recognized with a national "HRO Innovation Award" for a project I developed, outside the scope of my normal duties, that saved the company millions.


Abbott Labs - Director

HRTransformation Core Team member, I drove improvements in the retirement process, Medical care billing issue resolution and file room operations. Implemented performance management and forecasting tools. Was identified as “High potential” and entered into the executive mentoring program.


Ameritech/SBC (now AT&T) - Technical Director/Senior Manager

Ameritech/SBC merger core team member: One of 600 people out of over 200,000 employees tasked with leading these two companies through what was then the largest merger in US history.


National Security Emergency Preparedness Team member: One of 30 employees charged with ensuring operational continuity of our communication systems during times of war, natural disaster or civil unrest.


I also led a mission-critical team through the Y2K remediation process and worked with FEMA as the clock struck 12 to ensure that all systems remained fully operational.





Contact information:


(815) 261-4595

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A copy of our report with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board's official website (www.elections.il.gov)

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